Wood & WPC waterproofing

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The eco:fy wood and WPC waterproofing reliably protects wood and WPC from environmental influences. The treated surfaces become insensitive to moisture, weathering or contamination. Thus, oils, greases or other contaminants cannot penetrate the treated material. The soiling remains superficial and can be easily absorbed. In addition, the formation of green coatings, moss and algae is also prevented, as these do not find a breeding ground to adhere to the treated surfaces. The air permeability of the wood or WPC remains intact.

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  • Ideal for terrace, furniture, fences, etc.
  • Water-based, without solvents
  • PFC-free
  • Long lasting beading effect
  • For indoor and outdoor

Remove coarse dirt with a broom, brush or high-pressure cleaner. Shake before use. Apply eco:fy Wood and WPC Impregnation evenly with a brush, tassel or garden sprayer. Absorb excess material with a cloth. Test on an inconspicuous area beforehand. Allow to dry.




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SKU: LUG-IMPWO Category: Tags: , ,