About us

The "nature boys" from Schwerte

What we stand for

We started in 2020 with the idea of lugema to make a difference. With the production of sustainable care, finishing and auxiliary products for textiles, mineral surfaces as well as the home & garden, pet supplies, work & safety and public space sectors, we aim to offer added value for companies without harming the environment or health. 

As true "nature boys" we live and love nature and develop solutions on this basis to inspire sustainably. We work with nature and its properties.

Lukas Hottelmann, CEO


We produce with 100% solar power and offset more greenhouse gases than we actually produce.

Made in Germany

Our production is 100% located in Schwerte, in the eastern Ruhr area.


All products undergo multi-stage testing before they are launched on the market.

Our promise

With our products, we offer you qualitative solutions that are safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable in production and application. But we do not rest on that. Hence our promise: We will continue to work enthusiastically to make our products even better for you without losing sight of sustainability and our environment. We will continue to manufacture in Germany and attach importance to fair production conditions. That's a promise!