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To fall in love with: The eco:fy shoe care set. You thought you were the best partner for your shoes? Sorry, your shoes are now strangers! Because our eco:fy shoe care set is simply to fall in love with. A set that not only makes your shoes look good, but also focuses on quality and effectiveness:

  • A bristly and foamy ensemble consisting of the BRUSH and CLEANER provide powerful cleaning.
  • The PROTECTOR provides strong protection after cleaning, which is applied with a soft cloth, the CLOTH.

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  • CLEANER: The CLEANER is a sustainable cleaning foam that effectively but gently removes deep-seated dirt from your shoes.
  • PROTECTOR: Strong protection: With this PFC-free waterproofing you protect your shoes from moisture and dirt. Bye bye wet feet!
  • BRUSH: Your bristly friend for effective cleaning: The handy handle made of FSC-certified wood fits perfectly in your hand. So you can clean your shoes with exactly the right force.
  • CLOTH: A soft microfiber cloth with which you can easily work the PROTECTOR into the shoe material. Alternatively, it is also suitable for cleaning and drying your shoes.

Waterproofing: Before use, clean the shoe with the cleaner. Shake bottle well. Spray on from a distance of approx. 20 cm. Spread with enclosed cloth and absorb excess liquid. Allow to dry for up to 24 hours.

Cleaner: Shake bottle well. Remove coarse dirt. Work the foam into the shoe using a cloth or brush. Remove excess foam. Allow to dry. We recommend subsequent waterproofing with the protector.


Waterproofing: polymers

Cleaner: Anionic and nonionic surfactants


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SKU: LUG-SETSH Category: Tag: