Convertible top cleaner

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Clean your convertible top with this sustainable cleaning spray. It effortlessly removes even stubborn dirt such as bird droppings, grease and oil residues or other environmental contaminants. In addition, the spray has a color-refreshing effect.

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  • Provides a mild, textile deep cleaning and has a color refreshing effect
  • Easy application, effective results
  • Does not attack the surface to be cleaned
  • The surfactants contained are easily biodegradable

Brush off loose dirt beforehand. Pre-wet surfaces well. Spray cleaner on undiluted or apply to a sponge or soft brush and apply to the surface. Allow to act. The fabric must remain damp during the reaction time. Then remove dissolved dirt and rinse with plenty of water. We recommend subsequent waterproofing with eco:fy Convertible top waterproofing. If necessary, the application can be repeated.


Anionic and nonionic surfactants


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SKU: LUG-CLECAR Category: Tags: , ,